Grote Kerk

Your contribution to the Grote Kerk


The Grote Kerk of Monnickendam is more than just a location for church services, funerals and weddings. During the year there are a wide range of concerts and cultural events and the Grote Kerk forms a focal point of the Waterland community and Monnickendam society. 


The annual performance of the St John Passion, Korendag (Choir Day) in June and farewell to St Nicholas (Sinterklaas) on 6 December always attract large numbers and form an integral part of the year in the Grote Kerk. There are also regular exhibitions in the church, meetings and receptions and in the summer months, the church is open every day for visitors, thanks to the large team of volunteers.


As a result of large-scale restoration work, the Grote Kerk is in perfect condition again. It is incredibly expensive to restore a building of this size. In addition to subsidies and contributions from the church community, support from companies, funds and individuals are necessary to maintain the Grote Kerk both now and in future and to adapt it meet modern requirements. A unique element in this is the large contribution from a substantial group of volunteers.


In the last few years it has become evident that much can be achieved with financial contributions. In addition to the restoration of the inside and outside of the church and the organ, in the last few years the sound system, the heating, the toilets, the entrance hall and the coffee kiosk have all been modernised.


The Grote Kerk remains dependent on these contributions from its association of friends, sponsors and volunteers. We hope we can count on your contribution in future!





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