Grote Kerk

Wide Range of Activities in Waterland


The Grote Kerk is located on the edge of Monnickendam, a town with a rich history located on the Gouwzee. It was awarded the official status of a city in 1355 by the Duke of Bavaria. Monnickendam, which forms part of the municipality of Waterland, is not far from Amsterdam. It takes only 20 minutes by car and is easily accessible with public transport from Amsterdam Central station.



Monnickendam has a compact old city centre, in which the Waterland Speeltoren Museum forms the focal point. The museum which was newly opened in 2012 gives a good impression of the scenery and history of Waterland and maybe a good place to visit in addition to the church. Monnickendam is also characterised by its many gable stones. You can buy a special map at the tourist office in the city centre that shows you where these are located. The tourist office also has walking and cycling maps and tips on what to visit throughout Waterland.


The countryside surrounding Monnickendam is typically Dutch, with polders, dykes, lakes and farms. It includes some conservation areas, where you can enjoy a peaceful walk, bike ride or boat trip through the polders of Waterland and see the many wading birds that make their home here.


Broek in Waterland

The pictoresque village of Broek in Waterland is located between Amsterdam and Monnickendam. This village has been famous for centuries on account of its many wooden 'Broeker' houses in their quaint surroundings. Many wealthy merchants in the Golden Age had country houses here. Now many artists and people from the world of culture live in the village and have beautifully restored the houses to the traditional ‘Broek’ grey colour. You can see all this by taking a walk through the village, sitting and enjoying the view on the Havenrak or by hiring a boat and travelling through the waterways of the village and the surrounding area. Waterland has many waterways and this makes a trip to the historic town of Monnickendam or the village of Zuiderwoude a memorable experience.



The historically interesting former island of Marken with its eye-catching lighthouse ‘het Paard van Marken’ (the horse of Marken) is just 8 kilometres away. You can reach this peninsula via the dyke road from Monnickendam.



The world-famous Volendam and the historic city of Edam are also less than 10 kilometres from the Grote Kerk in Monnickendam. This means that a visit to the area offers you a wide range of options and guarantees you will have plenty to do and see during your stay.







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